About Us


The owners of Gravitate® Jeans love riding motorcycles so much, they designed the perfect jeans for them.

After years of pulling down the pant legs of her husband’s jeans after long rides on their motorcycle, founder Margaret Meyer decided she had enough. With an old pair of jeans, stretch denim, scissors, thread and a whole lot of determination, Margaret designed her first pair of motorcycle jeans featuring a specially designed panel in place of the standard jean inseams. Her husband and co-founder, Bruce Meyer, was astonished at how comfortable the jeans were and how her new design alleviated bunching or rising of his pant leg while riding. He became the first believer.

After years of market research and now holding a patent for their contemporary design, Bruce and Margaret never looked back. In 2014, they teamed up with a large jean manufacturer who shares their passion for creating and building a brand that resonates with all types of riders. Together, they deliver a dramatically superior product that improves the quality of the motorcycle riding experience.


Gravitate® Jeans’ innovative patented comfort panel was designed to provide a full range of comfort and motion to the most ambitious and practical motorcycle riders. Combining the art and science of two types of technology-based denim fabrics, our innovative, Patented Comfort Panel is proven to perform and provide greater flexibility in areas where riders need it the most. Whether you are on the road or not, these jeans are comfortable enough to wear every day and stylish enough to suit just about any occasion.


Creates the curved shape of an ARCH through the crotch and seat area which allows for a full range of motion and comfort.


We removed the center seam that you see in a typical pair of jeans and replaced it with our COMFORT PANEL that contours to your shape.


The extra stretch of the COMFORT PANEL reduces that annoying gathering, pinching, and riding up on your leg and seat area.