FIT SOLUTION for motorcycle riders, hikers, hunters, contractors, horseback riders, farmers, and more. The contractor, farmer, rider and overall pant and jean wearing consumer has been ignored, we have changed that.

We specially designed our Gravitate product to provide a full range of comfort and motion to the most ambitious and practical outdoorsman, rider, contractor, or farmer. We appreciate a great fitting jean and how important this is while you are on the job or out in the field. Our patented design and innovative Comfort Panel was the outcome of our passion to create a product that makes your life more enjoyable, and allows you Comfort in Motion.

GRAVITATE Comfort Panel

Gravitate product has an innovative Comfort Panel that runs all the way around the inner leg. The Gravitate Comfort Panel is proven to perform and provide greater flexibility in the areas you need it the most. We have eliminated the center seam that you see on a typical pair of jeans which prevents that harsh rubbing on the inner leg. Our innovative Comfort Panel eliminates the pull-and-tug adjustment every time you stand up and reduces that uncomfortable bunching around your thighs and seat.

Stretch For Added Comfort

Keeps you cool when warm& warm when cool

Wicks Away Moisture From Skin


7 strong belt loops

Designed in the USA

Our ARCH Shape

Our ARCH shape gives you more space than either the U-shape or other V pattern jeans on the market. Our design with the Comfort Panel gives our jeans a natural ARCH shape from front to back through the crotch and seat area. The ARCH shape combined with the stretch in our Comfort Panel makes our jeans the most comfortable jeans on the market.

Scottie, Georgia

My favorite jeans for riding! They flex where I need it for comfort. The only thing riding is me,  not my pants.

Russ, Florida

What is your comfort worth while riding your Harley?

Brian, Wisconsin

Simply the most comfortable riding jeans you will ever purchase.