Did you know you can enjoy comfort and style while you’re riding your motorcycle? With the patented Comfort Panel by Gravitate® Jeans, you can. Our Comfort Panel does several things. Not only is it made with a mixture of denim and spandex for a comfortable ride, but it also prevents your motorcycle jeans from riding up when you shift from sitting to standing.

The bottom line is that our motorcycle jeans stay put.

They’re stylish too. Our plus-size women’s motorcycle jeans come in both blue denim, with a dark blue comfort panel and black denim, with a black comfort panel. They’re not baggy like some other Plus Size clothes—instead, they hug your curves without causing discomfort.

They’re not just for when you’re on the bike. These jeans will provide you style while allowing you to relax, no matter where you are. They’re not too heavy, nor are they too light. Some might describe them as just right for the savvy biker.

Made to last, our motorcycle jeans are durable, yet supple. Like you, we’re bikers—we know the value of a well-fitted, comfortable pair of biker jeans that stay where they’re supposed to, no matter where you are.

Our styles can look casual or dressier, depending on where you’re headed. Pair our jeans with a simple tee shirt and you’re ready to relax—but wear them with a blouse and you can enjoy Gravitate® Jeans comfort all night.

We want you to enjoy your jeans—that’s why all of our products are backed by a guarantee. So go ahead, buy a pair of our motorcycle jeans and they might just become your favorite denim pants whether you’re on or off the road! Get your freedom to ride with a pair of blue or black denim Women’s Plus Size motorcycle jeans.

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